Video Borescopes

Before I go to explain what a video borescope is, it is imperative that I explain what a borescope is, in the first place. A borescope sometimes called boroscope as a result of misspelling—is a gadget comprising of either a flexible or a rigid tube. And it has an eye piece attached to an end of it, while an objective lens is attached to the other end. Both are linked in between by some relay optical system. In some cases, the borescope is comprised of optical fibres that help illuminate a remote viewed object. It works by capturing and holding an image which is illuminated. This illuminated object is created by the objective lens, and is then magnified by the eye piece into which the observer peers.

Borescopes — normally utilized in viewing areas that are inaccessible via any other means—are similar to endoscopes (equipment used for viewing the internal structures of humans especially during surgery). It is perhaps the best non-destructive testing gadget for detecting imperfections and defects in engines and other heavy duty equipment.

Borescopesare mainly used for conducting visual inspection in aircraft engines, industrial turbines, diesel engines, automotive/truck engines, when a safety and maintenance inspection is being done. The borescope is used to prevent unnecessary repairs and maintenance checks, as some of such procedures could be very cost intensive. The borescope is a great gadget that has over time, saved companies from unnecessary expenses.

The flexible borescope is composed of bundled optical fibers. These optical fibers split the images into pixels. The flexible borescope is also called the fiberscope. It is used penetrate hollow spaces and cavities that tend to bend at an angle. A combustion chamber/ burner can is one of such cavities. It is also adapted to view the state of turbine blafes, compressed air inlets and seals too. All these can be done by the fiberscope, without having to disassemble the components or engines of this hollow spaces and cavities.

A Video Borescope in some ways, shares similarities with the flexible borescope. However, it makes use of a tiny video camera, that is attached to the tail end of its flexible tube. The posterior of the video borescope’sbendable tube has a light that allows for the possibility of capturing still images and videos within the insides of the gadget. It is utilized at a tool that aids in remote visual inspection. As it has the ability to capture still images and real time videos, that can be saved for a later viewing. The handle attached to it, holds the camera view. It also allows for the viewing position to be changed using a joystick. This gadget doesn’t use a complex optical waveguide, but a cost-effective electric cable. Depending on its specifications, a video borescope can still be cheap and yet have a very good resolution.

The DBPower 8.2mm endoscope Inspection camera is like the best of video borescopes you can get out there in the market. It helps you identify problems quickly ; capturing them as high quality pictures and videos that you can actually view in real-time. Or better still, you can save and watch them later, alongside your colleagues. It is also detachable from the monitor. All for your comfort.