Iphone 7/7s Wallet Cases

iphone 7 wallet case
iphone 7 wallet case

iPhone 7/7s Wallet Cases

The iPhone 7 is the latest iPhone product with amazing features that can help you keep important information on your smartphone. If you want to ensure 100% protection for your device and the invaluable information stored on it, it is a course of wisdom to protect it with a durable wallet case.

There are different types of wallet cases and you can easily get the most appropriate for your device if you go through this list of some fo the best wallet cases for iPhone 7/7s.

    Spigen Wallet S Stand Present iPhone 7 Wallet Case: If you are in need of a wallet case that is sturdy and stylish with the ability to protect your device, you will make the right choice if you go for this wallet case. Spigen wallet case has a stand feature, space for keeping cards and some bills, and is a bit slimmer than most wallet cases preventing you from moving around with a bulky wallet.  Although it has no screen protector, you can buy a protector for it to complete its feature and offers the best protection for your device.

The wallet case also boasts a storage capacity that most wallet cases can only dream of. If you tons of credit cards or you need a case that has the capacity to hold your accessories or keys, Spigen wallet case has it all.

    Ringke iPhone 7 Wallet Case: This is a wallet case with a difference. It has an expandable pocket for holding bills. You can use the extra space for storing metro cards, extra cash, receipts, and coins. If you want to take an emergency picture, you can use the wallet’s camera slide feature to take a picture quickly. The storage capacity of the case allows it to store about 4 or 6 cards if you are inclined to move around with such number of credit cards or IDs. How much does it cost? The official price is $29.99

    VRS Design Native Diary Leather iPhone 7 Wallet Case: When you have a wallet case that is made from real leather, your phone is safe. Most of the available cases for iPhones are made from polyurethane with its shortcomings while the real leather used for making this wallet case makes it stand out from the pack with its unrivaled durability born out of the genuine leather used for making it. It also has a magnetic closure that provides different closure options for the phone. The case is fairly affordable at $23.43 and will add a professional look and feel to you if are a professional.

    KAVAJ iPhone 7 wallet case: Kavaj is in a class of its own. It is a unique wallet case with some special features. It is a replaceable case that can easily slide out of the wallet for ease of use. There are two slots in the exterior of this wallet case to keep your cards if you have the tendency to have your ID cards, business cards, or other cards with you always. It has a well-designed interior that is easy on the screen but protects it from scratches and cracks. For a little amount of $24.90, you can get the needed protection for your smartphone by buying this real leather wallet case.

Many people face the challenge of carrying their phones in one pocket and their cards in another pocket. If you have a similar problem, you can solve the problem by getting a good wallet case for your smartphone. This will help you to move around light in addition to having full confidence that your phone is well protected.